Housing NYC: Rents, Markets and Trends 2014

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JUST PUBLISHED! The NYC Rent Guidelines Board is pleased to offer the latest edition of our annual publication, Housing NYC: Rents, Markets and Trends 2014. With the most recent statistics on tenant income and affordability; economic trends; owner revenues and costs; multifamily mortgages; and changes in the housing supply, Housing NYC is a comprehensive collection of research on the state of New York City's rental housing market.

Housing NYC: Rents, Markets and Trends 2014 includes all six NYC Rent Guidelines Board studies produced in the past year: Income and Affordability Study; Income and Expense Study; Price Index of Operating Costs; Mortgage Survey Report; Housing Supply Report; and Changes to the Rent Stabilized Housing Stock in NYC in 2013. In addition, the book contains 2014-2015 apartment, loft and hotel guidelines adopted by the Board; data from the 2011 NYC Housing and Vacancy Survey; and a glossary of rent regulation terms.   Book, CD-rom, Book & CD-rom  available.