Brooklyn Tea Pouch

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Tea Pouch contains 1 ounce of loose tea leaves, can be served hot or cold.  Serving size is 1 tsp per 8 ounces of water.    Available in the following flavors.

Very Berry:

Sweet and sour fruit bomb with rose hips, hibiscus leaves and specially chosen berries

Refreshing | High Vitamin C | Anti-Inflammatory

195oF for 5 Minutes

Sip before you sweeten. But if you must, add a touch of agave


Tropical Green:

High quality Sencha leaves intruded by tropical passion fruit for daydreaming about hot destinations

Energy Boost | High Vitamin C | Refreshing

Steep at 165oF for 3 Minutes


Chamomile Mint:

Light, sweet, smooth and refreshing herbal blend with hints of honey, mint and citronella

Soothing | Anti-Stress | Aids Digestion

Steep at 212oF for 5 Minutes


Masala Chai:

Authentic warm, fragrant and soothing Southern Indian spiced blend with incredibly potent herbs.

Anti-inflammatory | Digestion | Relaxation

Steep at 212oF for 5 Minutes


Chocolate Mint:

Mesmerizing detox tea with refreshing sweet flavor similar to popular cookie

Grade: OP

Hydration | Refreshment<