Exploring AMNH Coloring Book

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Founded in 1869, the American Museum of Natural History in NYC has played an important role in promoting an understanding of world cultures and a comprehension of the natural sciences. Among its most important achievements has been the accumulation of artifacts - from reconstructed dinosaur skeletons and stuffed birds to tribal costumes and primitive sculptures. This coloring book takes young fans of natural history on an exciting tour that covers 23 amazing subjects in the Museum's permanent collection, as well as the Rose Center for Earth and Space. Included are depictions of an elephant herd, the skeleton of a gigantic Tyrannosaurus rex, a lifelike Komodo dragon, an Easter Island sculpted head, a Haida canoe, the Star of India emerald, and a hut built of mammoth bones. An informative caption accompanies each accurately rendered picture. Ages 6+.

By Patricia J. Wynne. 8 ¼ x 11 inches. 30 pages. Soft cover.