My First Trip to New York

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My First Trip to New York is an indispensable source of inspiration for those who want to discover all the Big Apple has to offer and give their children unforgettable memories of the world's most fascinating city.Within these pages you’ll find recommended highlights and potential can’t-miss opportunities with a nod specifically to visiting each spot with children in tow. Taking into account activities and tidbits that might interest your kids, this guide seeks to prepare you for the endless possibilities that NYC has to offer.  You'll find that in New York, nearly every business, large or small, now has a section or activity devoted specifically to children. Every garden has enviable playgrounds, many restaurants are already kid friendly, and out-of-town attractions can be reached by safe, alternative forms of transportation, such as boats, bicycles, or the famous subway.
My First Trip to New York presents 80 destinations, subdivided by districts, and accompanied by a detailed map so you?and your family?can plan to get the most out of every visit.
Each entry lists a corresponding website where you can find logistical information like directions, hours, and pricing if needed. In some ways, My First Trip to New York is simply the story of a typical family?like so many others?exploring a city and taking a dream vacation.  Paperback, October 2015.